Welcome to THE NOPE!

We are a small leather goods brand from Barcelona who recently moved to Melbourne. We proudly make by hand and one at a time all our products and let them age gracefully and uniquely to every owner.



THE NOPE Leather Goods are made from the highest quality veg tanned leather available. Each piece is individually hand cut, hand sewn and hand finished. No sewing machines or lasers; just traditional tools, needles and thread. Our products will wear and age beautifully and are meant to be used, abused and loved for years. Because of the natural quality of the leather, please expect natural markings and an occasional range scar, plus a handmade uniqueness to each piece.



Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather is steer hide that has been tanned with tannin found in tree bark and other vegetable matter, but neither dyed nor oiled (thus explaining it’s skin like appearance). It is a full grain leather, meaning the top side has not been sanded, buffed, or otherwise corrected to the remove natural patterns and grain. Because of this, the fibers remain in tact and strong. The material is greatly influenced by its environment and will initially change color like human skin when exposed to direct sunlight. This leather ages to a beautiful dark caramel brown, and will burnish darker in spots of frequent contact.